A mobile multimedia performance with Awa Odori dancers wearing Obon costumesequipped with loudspeakers, light sensors, LED lighting and receivers. Musical instruments are played through the electroacoustic costumes via wireless receiver system. Their wearable LED lighting (using sound-to-light sensors) light up the costumes according to the sounds that they play. Additionally the performers can use other sensors to react to the lighting and sounds around them.


作家:Benoit MAUBREY


Artist:Benoit MAUBREY

Benoit Maubrey is a contemporary American artist born in 1952.
While Maubrey falls under the technical title of a sculptor, he labels himself as the creator of “electroacoustic sculptures.”
These sculptures combine both three-dimensional work and sound in different variations of performance and sculpture.
He has made contributions to the fields of dance, sculpture, sound, and technology by combining all three in his “Audio Ballerinas.
The “Audio Ballerinas” are particularly important because not only do they eliminate the distinct separation between the performer and the audience by the stage, they also allow the dancers to create the music and dance at the same time.
This is vastly different from percussion dance groups because they create a new auditory and visual language in the art world.

Aw Odori 3000