To portray the tracks of light on a water surface, we envision a new digital organism that is self-luminescent. Swirling tails of light, made of countless superfine light fibers, swim around on the water, crisscrossing everywhere with an organic, breath-like rhythm.
The millions of light fibers create a mask of designs, floating on the water with a particular rhythm reminiscent of a living organism, like a spectacular tropical fish.

展示期間:12月16日[金]-12月25日[日] 18:00〜22:00



Artist: GOCCO.

In Japan in the late 1500s, business and guild restrictions were lifted and there was a sudden flourishing of marketplaces and freelancers. People called that new, completely free exchange of goods and information and services “raku” (ease). It brought a wave of innovation, nurtured new businesses and entrepreneurs and creators, and reenergized the economy. It also supported a flourishing of refined cultural achievement such as the tea ceremony, and contributed to the community spirit of “ren” (solidarity) and mutual aid and interconnection that characterized Edo-period Japan. GOCCO. aims to design a future for business by mobilizing that sort of “raku” to stimulate “ren” for our time.