What is it that makes a “city”? It has many physical parts, all kinds of building shapes overlapping one another. When we think of a city, the first thing that comes to mind may be the buildings crowded together. Yet, of course, a “city” is not just its buildings. All those different buildings, and the people who live in them, and their many different time periods overlapping and building up, is what makes the town. And within that are people’s lives and ways of being. Like a life, a city has parts that are good and parts that are not so good. Hopefully they respect one another, we’d like them all to just calmly emit their own respective lights. In this piece, the gentle lights that flicker can be those ways of being, the timeframes of the city, of the people, of the places where their sweat flows, and all the things that are there.

展示期間:12月16日[金]-12月25日[日] 18:00〜22:00


2009年/休廃校活性化プロジェクト  高知県立美術館
2010年/徳島LEDアートフェスティバル 徳島市
2012年/風の伝言プロジェクトⅠ  高松市塩江美術館
2015年/ムギテバ・アート展  徳島

Artist: Taisuke Hayabuchi

2008/Graduated in sculpture from the Department of Fine Arts Education, Naruto University of Education
2009/Abandoned School Reactivation Project, The Museum of Art, Kochi
2010/Tokushima LED Art Festival, Tokushima
2012/Message of the Wind Project I, Shionoe Museum of Art
2015/Mugiteba Art Show, Tokushima