b1img-2b1img-3b1-2野良犬なのにナゼかケース(光の玉手箱)の中に入って番犬をすることになってしまった あばばい番犬 – ABABAN KEN
生真面目だけど少しマヌケなツンデレABABAN KEN
極度のストレスのあまり 目からレーザービームのような強い光を放ちはじめる。


It’s a stray dog and for some reason it’s placed inside a case, a treasure chest for light, and it turns into a watchdog. A dazzlingly glaring watchdog, or in the dialect of Tokushima, “ababai banken.”
It’s very serious yet rather dim-witted, the type that veers from sharp to dull.
When it’s under extreme stress, the eyes start to emit very strong light, like laser beams.
It turned out as a dog whose LED eyes shine strangely when activated by a motion sensor, something I think the children will enjoy.

展示期間:12月16日[金]-12月25日[日] 18:00〜22:00



1991/アートヒル三好ケ丘1991彫刻フェスタ グランプリ
2000/第55回行動美術展 行動美術賞(大賞)
2007/第22回国民文化祭・とくしま2007(おどる国文祭),野外彫刻展 徳島市長賞

Artist: Shin’ichi Nakagawa

Born 1967 in Tokushima. Member, Kodo Art Association.
1991/Learned stone processing techniques at Izumiya, the studio of Isamu Noguchi.
1997/Visited the studio of Henry Moore, near London.
1998/Visited the S’gang Gwaay village site of the Haida people in Canada, and was deeply influenced by the ideal of coexistence with nature, and the sculptures.

Selected Works and Exhibitions
1991/Grand Prize, Art Hill Miyoshigaoka Sculpture Festa
1993/Solo Exhibition, Tokushima Yasuda Kasai Gallery
1994/Solo Exhibition, Tokushima Modern Art Museum Gallery
1997/Solo Exhibition in Minami, Tokushima ,Volunteer design of seven stone sculptures in Tatsumiya Park, Minami
2000/Kodo Art Prize (Grand Prize), 55th Kodo Art Exhibition
2003/Solo Exhibition, Tokushima Modern Art Museum Gallery
2007/22nd National Cultural Festival, Tokushima (Odoro National Cultural Festival), Tokushima Mayor’s Prize, Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
2012/Began a series of dog-themed sculptures for children at the east rose garden pond in Tokushima Central Park

あばばい番犬・ABA BAN KEN