The motif is angels, from the Hagoromo legend of Awa province (now called Tokushima).
The materials are LED light which brings to mind the eternity of deep space, and Awa washi paper, a traditional craft product of Tokushima Prefecture. This is one kind of washi, which is a superb material developed by the Japanese from the bounty of the sky and the earth. The mysterious beauty of the illuminated washi portrays the radiant sparkling of the graceful “life” of angels.

展示期間:12月16日[金]-12月25日[日] 18:00〜22:00


目白大学 人間学部 児童教育学科 専任講師
1978年 埼玉県生まれ

2011年 千代田芸術祭2011
2013年 第14回 日本・フランス現代美術世界展2013
2014年 第46回 欧美国際公募 ポルトガル美術賞
2014年 亀山トリエンナーレ ART KAMEYAMA2014

Artist: Hitomi Sato

Instructor, Department of Childhood Education and Welfare, Mejiro University.
Born 1978 in Saitama Prefecture.

Selected Works and Exhibitions
2011  Chiyoda Arts Festival
2013  14th Exhibition of Contemporary Art France – Japan
2014  Prizewinner at the 46th Omi International Japan Visual Art Exhibition in Portugal
2014  Kameyama Triennale – Art Kameyama 2014

白景 -天女-