The leaves of a plant are supplied with water and nutrition through their veins. They are normally invisible, but I used sampling to bring out the veins, and fluorescent paint to brighten them with blue tones. The images I had in mind as I made this were a city of water, and the waterways of plants. There are several kinds of leaves with different shapes, different charms, for your enjoyment.

展示期間:12月16日[金]-12月25日[日] 18:00〜22:00

作家:森野 淳


マイイケバナ 家元賞受賞 2010年
日本いけばな芸術協会展 2013年

Artist: Atsushi Morino

During my college years I learned flower arrangement in the Ohara School of Ikebana, which led me to start making 3D works for sculpture and flower arrangement exhibitions. Currently I am focused on teaching work, as an instructor at the Ohara Center. In Tokushima I am involved in spreading the traditional cultural practices of ikebana and tea ceremony.

Selected Exhibitions and Prize
1998~  My Ikebana (Ohara School Flower Arrangement Exhibition)
2010   Iemoto Prize (Grand Prize), My Ikebana
2013   Japan Ikebana Art Association Exhibition