音楽提供:Josh McLaughlin

The eggs that are neatly arrayed, in ten vertical and ten horizontal rows, seem at first glance to look much alike. But once they are placed in light, what shines out from the inside presents diverse and lovely forms. Any one of those lit forms has no other like it, and each has a sense of mystery reminiscent of the surface of the moon.

Music by Josh McLaughlin

展示期間:12月16日[金]-12月25日[日] 18:00〜22:00


1992年  中国・新疆ウイグル自治区出身。東京在住。
2015年  早稲田大学文化構想学部卒業。
2016年  インスタレーション製作を始める。
2009年 「where are you?」世紀のダ・ヴィンチを探せ!高校生アートコンペティション2009 特別賞受賞
2016年 「Liberty」信濃の国原始感覚美術祭2016 参加

Artist: Yuri Ubukata

Born 1992 in Xinjiang, China. Lives in Tokyo. Graduated from Waseda University School of Culture, Media and Society in 2015. Began creating installation works in 2016.
Works and Exhibitions
2009   Special Prize for “where are you?” in Hunt for the Century’s Leonardo da Vinci – High School Art Competition 2009
2016   “Liberty” submitted to Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2016

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