Taking care not to harm the living plants, small high-luminance LED lights were threaded between the petals and placed around the flower vase. When the bulbs are turned on, the light passing through the vase casts a mysterious glow around is. This is indirect lighting as a collaboration between the natural and technological worlds. The flowers are tulips, a specialty of Tokushima, which come onto the market in November. The light produced by LEDs and tulips can be regarded as a new light of Tokushima, merging nature and technology.

展示期間:12月16日[金]-12月25日[日] 18:00〜22:00


1971年生まれ  東京都出身
1994年  東京理科大学 建築学科卒業
1996年  同大学 大学院卒業
第1回 エネオス太陽光発電 パブリックアートコンテスト ENEOS賞
SDA AWARD 2016 公共サイン部門 サインデザイン最優秀賞 他
大手建設会社 先端産業施設担当 一級建築士
シニアアーキテクト 毛塚順次

Artist: Junji Kezuka

Born 1971 in Tokyo. Graduated in architecture from Tokyo University of Science in 1994. Master’s degree in architecture from Tokyo University of Science, 1996. Worked with leading-edge production facilities as a registered first-class architect at a major construction company. Senior Architect at Junji Kezuka.
Selected Prizes
ENEOS Prize, 1st ENEOS Solar Energy Public Art Contest
Same work exhibited at the Kobe Biennale 2011
First Prize, Public Sign Category, Japan Sign Design Association Awards 2016

Floral illumination