c4-2c4-3徳島を代表するものといえば,さまざまなものがあるが中でも鳴門の渦潮が有名である。 私たちは,今回,渦の様子やいくつかの渦が巻く様子を「連なる渦」と名付け,鳴門の渦を表現できればと考えている。県産材であるスギを使い,大小10本の渦を連ねることで,実際の鳴門海峡の様子に近づけ,さらに藍染めすることで,徳島らしさを強調した。

Among the things that are considered representative of Tokushima, the Naruto whirling tides may be the most famous. Our concept for this piece is to portray the Naruto whirlpools through forms that are emblematic of the whirlpools themselves as well as other vortexes. Made from cedar wood harvested in Tokushima Prefecture, the series of ten large and small vortex forms calls to mind the whirling tides of the Naruto Strait. Each piece is colored with indigo dyeing, another typical feature of Tokushima.

展示期間:12月16日[金]-12月25日[日] 18:00〜21:00

作家:徳島県立徳島科学技術高等学校 総合デザインコース


総合デザインコース3年 倉橋京子(左)・原田璃子(中)・廣永梨帆(右)

Artists: Tokushima Science and Technology High School Integrated Design Program

The Integrated Design Program was born in April 2009 from the consolidation of the industrial design program of Tokushima Prefectural Technical High School and the interior design program of Tokushima Prefectural Higashi Technical High School, to create a program that both combined and transcended the fields of product design and home furnishings design.
In interior design, our studies have focused on furniture and related accessories, especially combining the local Tokushima industries of woodworking and indigo dyeing. Our school won the Idea Prize in the 2015 Lighting Design Contest, and we are pressing forward to continue utilizing the special strengths of our program.

Team (3rd-year Students)
Kyoko Kurahashi (left), Riko Harada (center), Riho Hironaga (right)