This artwork features bubbles and light. The title is a play on Awa, the ancient name for the Tokushima region, and awa, the Japanese word for bubbles. Bubbles are made to look like they are dancing (odori) by means of LED illumination. A set of acrylic pipes standing together in a row is filled with water, bubbles are sent up from their bases with the timing controlled by a computer, and the bubbles are illuminated with full-color LED light. As the pipes are aligned in a single horizontal row, images of text can be created, so this piece could be called a display screen that uses bubbles.

展示期間:12月16日[金]-12月25日[日] 18:00〜22:00

作家:徳島県立徳島科学技術高等学校 情報通信コース2年



Artists: Second year students, Tokushima Science and Technology High School Telecommunications Program

The Telecommunications Program provides training in the fundamentals of electricity as well as computer hardware and software and other aspects of telecommunications technology, to nurture engineers capable of contributing to the development of an advanced information and telecommunications society.
The students practice microprocessor control techniques in the classroom, with some classes devoted to LED control. These students have long been interested in the LED Art Festival and hoped to make a presentation there, and this year they decided to submit a proposal.

Creative Team
Momoka Natsuno (front left), Kanae Kiuchi (front center), Naoya Senda (back center), Takahiro Kusukawa (back right)