Each of the four of us took on one of the stages of the fascinating metamorphosis of the butterfly – the egg (Yorozu), the caterpillar (Yamaberi), the chrysalis (Narita), and the butterfly (Shinomiya). What appears during the day as a group of sculptured objects, changes appearance during the night as a flow is created by LED light and each of the stages is represented.

展示期間:12月16日[金]-12月25日[日] 18:00〜22:00

作家:徳島彫刻集団 中堅及び若者4人グループ

四宮 達司(上左) 徳島彫刻集団会員 サラリーマン作家
萬 知恵子(上右) 徳島彫刻集団会員 ガラス作家
成田 浩彰(下左) 徳島彫刻集団会員 小学校教諭作家
山端 篤史(下右) 徳島彫刻集団会員 美術家

Artists: Four young members of Tokushima Sculpture Collective

Tatsushi Shinomiya (top left), salaryman and artist
Chieko Yorozu (top right), glass artist
Hiroaki Narita (lower left), elementary school teacher and artist
Atsushi Yamaberi (lower right), artist