d1img-3d1img-2d1-4d1-5徳島市では、2014年度から2016年度までの3か年計画で、市内の新町川に架かる「春日橋」のLED景観整備を進めています。LED景観整備作品の採用デザインを選定するにあたり、平成26年7月から約3か月間、デザイン案の募集を行い、審査の結果、Spatial Practiceの「文化を伝承する藍の落水」に決定しました。(2016年12月完成予定)

[Tokushima City LED Landscaping Program]Spatial Practice

A three-year program for LED landscaping of the Kasuga Bridge over the Shinmachi River in the center of Tokushima City has been under way from 2014 through 2016. Design proposals for the landscaping were accepted during a three-month period from July 2014, and the judges selected the design submitted by Spatial Practice, entitled Indigo Waterfall for Cultural Transmission. (Completion is scheduled for December 2016.)





作家:Spatial Practice


Theme / Concept

Permeating the Shinmachi River with its history of indigo dyeing.

Reason for Selection

The image of indigo-colored water penetrating from the Kasuga Bridge to the surface of the Shinmachi River, created by layered LED-generated light streams that appear to be a natural waterfall, is unique among the LED landscaping proposals to date, and the design harmonizes well with the surrounding scenery.

Artist: Spatial Practice