Feb 09 - Feb 18, 2018 Tokushima City Center


In 2018, Tokushima prefecture and Tokushima city will be using LED art to show off Tokushima’s unique charm. We hope that this event will draw visitors from all over Japan and the world, and will make our town more prosperous. Not only will there be incredible art displays, there will also be workshops and seminars that will turn Tokushima city into a stage for this colorful event.

teamLab: Digitized River and Forest

Tokushima City is a city of water that is nurtured in the Yoshino River and flows through 138 rivers.
In the castle ruins of Tokushima Castle, in the center of town, there is the Shiroyama primary forest (a forest untouched by human hands). Areas of virgin forest such as this are very rare in Japan. Also located in the central area of town there is a very unusual and vast green belt, with a “dragon king” camphor tree that is 600 years of age, and 80 kinds of wild birds survive in the area.

Taking advantage of Tokushima City's natural beauty, we use light, sound, and digital technology, to transform the river and the forest in the center of the city into a digital art space that changes according to the existence of people.




Detailed list of events and performances :

For people traveling by bus,tour boat,or rental bicycle :



Title TOKUSHIMA LED DIGITAL ART FESTIVAL teamLab: Digitized River and Forest
Term 2018/2/9-2/18
Hours 18:00-22:00
Close Open throughout the festival period
Venue Tokushima City Center
Organizers Takushima LED · Digital Art Festival Executive Committee, Tokushima LED · Digital Art Promotion Council, Tokushima Prefecture, Tokushima City
Inquiry Takushima LED · Digital Art Festival Executive Committee (within the Tokushima City Economic Policy Division)
TEL 088-621-5225
Admission Fee Free
Parking Lot To keep traffic congestion to a minimum, we would like to ask for yourcooperation in using public transportation wherever possible when coming tothe venue.
Note: There is no parking lot at the venue. If you come by car, please use apaid parking lot in the area.

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